Scott Ashton Beardow



Scott Ashton Beardow is a emerging artist currently located in Canberra, Australia. Working mostly with canvas, wood and oil paints, he builds gritty textures, organic patterns and folds of light expressing a kind of “calm turmoil” on the canvas.

Scott’s style is more intuitive than conceptual; mistakes, instead of being removed, are worked with, and indeed encouraged: from leaving a canvas out in a raging storm, to submerging them in river water. Paintings are allowed to “grow” as they will, letting the paint fall or drip where it wants to. This allows for an element of the natural, or organic to grow within the work, guiding the piece towards where it naturally needs to go, like the geological layers of stone or a landscape. This process of ignoring the conceptual allows for a sense of authenticity and the spontaneous, often resulting in a combination of raw unconscious human emotion, spirituality and geological abstraction.

Scott started painting in 2011 as an escape from the hectic city life of inner Sydney, a personal expression of the solitude he felt there; a year’s worth of paintings were created before anyone knew of their existence. In 2014 he moved to the far south coast of Australia to focus on art full time and prepare his first solo exhibition, his works were shown at the Cobargo Paint and Ink gallery, the Black Wattle gallery and was a guest exhibitor at the shop7 Artspace in Bermagui. In late 2014 his work “Tenebra” was selected as a finalist for the Korean Art Awards in Sydney and was shown in their gallery on Elizabeth street between December and January 2015. In 2016 Scott did his first solo show in Canberra at the Front cafe gallery.